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first entry of the new year. yay?

New Years was fun. we all played pictionary and madlibs and then went sledding at 2 am (minus bill, who was sleeping).
i made a huge snowball in the yard and it's a lot of fun to lay on, and relaxing.

then yesterday after everyone left me and lauren and ham picked up phil and ashley and we went to blockbuster, and didn't find any movies.
we ended up coming back here and just hung out for a bit, played with cat toys, and then went to taco bell. only lauren and phil got something.
then we stopped at ashleys house and got mac n cheese. on the way home i just drove around for awhile cuz phil had to be home within a half hour. he kept playing with the buttons in the car and the sunroof, which i thought he closed in the end but it was still open this morning, thanks phil!
then we dropped him off and us GIRLS came back to our house so ham could get her purse, then i drove her home.
we got back and i ruined the mac n cheese but my dad fixed it kinda, so we still ate it. then we watched benny & joon and all fell asleep within the first 45 minutes of the movie, ha.

today, so far i've driven ashley home, showered, and uhhh gone on here. soon we're going to the mall, but i dunno if it's gonna be the whole family or just lauren and me. guess we'll find out!
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