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orange jewce

i bought shirts at h&m today. i was gonna buy manga, but i decided i'd wait til i got that gift card thingy and my new sticker from suncoast replay.

i always want people to be honest with me. cuz i always want to be honest with them. i hate lying and i really suck at it.

i am officially in love with my mom's car. i want to name her. let me think. INEZ. it really suits her. take a gander.


just not that color blue. i rented victor/victoria and brazil tonight. i watched the first one, it was good! i don't think i'd own it though. and brazil i started to watch but took a break from it cuz my room got all smokey, but i reaallllly like it so far.

tomorrow i think i work. not sure though. besides that i have not a clue.
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