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first time this year i've eaten snow

why do all but like 5 couples in the world annoy the shit out of me?

last night consisted of

-lindsay chasing me around the house.
-me talking about how i want to be a film critic.
-barnaby being renamed his proper name -- bartelby.
-me being paranoid that ash's birthday was today (yesterday) and not tomorrow (today).
-discovering how thin jetta is.
-me telling my dad i would go to michigan with him today, even though i have NO desire to.
-sledding at 3 am.
-jarred wearing women's pajama pants.
-me stating how i had a "healthy obsession" with lipstick.
-rediscovering nada surf.
-being extremely uncomfortable while sleeping.
-fucked about dreams about lauren driving like a maniac. hookers from the 50s. getting drunk(?) at the sad and having people take advantage of me while i was sleeping and not being able to do anything about it. KENDRA. having a black, longhaired cat that was killed by a dog. futuristic, dump-ish bathrooms. and eating raw donuts.


oh, and Japanese Story, A Home at the End of the World, Before Sunset, and Gods and Monsters are some of my new favorite movies.
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