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"God's in His heaven, All's right with the world."

my hair looks soo much better parted in the middle.

i can't wait for work tomorrow.

so it's official, ash is coming from february 27th to march 5th. i am so excited!!!!!!!!!

lately i've felt like a bad friend.

these nails are impossible to grow back.

i'm on a diet.

i didn't write about my dream yet today so i will now. i dreampt that me and [myspace]jen were at my house and she busted in on me while i was in the bathroom and about to shower. i was naked and she basically said i was ugly, but then i cried and she said she was only teasing me. then she got naked, and we walked around the house together. then we ended up back in the bathroom. there was nothing sexual about this dream, and you know i would admit if there was. somehow an old lady knocked on the bathroom door and we pretended to be sisters(?), in hopes that she would go away, but she told us we were sick and left regardless. then we went downstairs (still naked) and i remember feeling totally comfortable, it was weird... but nice. then all of a sudden i saw bailey outside. it was freezing and snowing and there was a dog near him on the porch, a beauceron or whatever they're called, the oldest breed of dog in the world ((recorded)). i remember it had big nipples, it actually looked like whatever nursed romulus and remus in that roman statue. exactly like it, really... except living. i remember being afraid it would hurt bailey, but all it wanted was a friend. in a lot of my dreams lately i'm running/driving/being driven away from something. me and jen went somewhere to, to get away, but i don't remember where. it actually might involve those snowy woods i keep dreaming of lately. i remember empty streets and looking at the sky. my dreams lately are so fucked up.

for a fun time, look at my newest blog on myspace.
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