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i fell asleep at 1:30 am last night. sooooooo early for me. it was nice! i slept down here and i think bobo was all flustered because we weren't in our normal sleeping habitat, aha. but she slept with me regardless.

last night was a lot of fun. tim and christa and i went to the manchester mall and i bought a dark green top-ish hat that was only $7. then we went to "death hill" as christa calls it and we saw a car there and we thought the kiddies were making out, but we saw them sledding on the hill and tim started to do donuts and the kids DROPPED down, like we couldn't see them! they just layed there like logs in the middle of the hill--black against white. christa almost pissed her pants. then we left and came back and they were nowhere to be seen but there car was still in plain view. then we left and went to cumbies and came back again and they were gone. poop. then we went to super walmart and bought saucers (to sled on) and a flashlight and we went sledding. christa's clogs kept falling off. i found two mismatched gloves there and wore them and tim had 2 other pair in his car. it wasn't even that cold out though.

then i came home and couldn't get the garage doors to open but i found our spare key and got inside. i ate cuz i hadn't hardly at all all day, and drank some cranberry juice. i talked to some people for a bit but then layed down cuz i had cramps and ended up falling asleep, aha. i checked my away message at 5 am, but then went right back to bed. i could still sleep more now, but i wanna stay up. i hope i don't have cramps today. but i'm really really glad that i got out of the house last night afterall. i would have just sat around feeling sick and sorry for myself.
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