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black boys with limps and coughing children

i just wrote a whole entry and it got deleted. and i'm annoyed.

i'm over it.

it's kinda weird that i get excited on nights that it's supposed to snow.... not like i can have a snow day, and i really don't wanna have to cancel plans tomorrow cuz of bad weather. guess we'll just have to see.

i got lolita on dvd wicked cheap today at best buy. also a really cheap best of blue oyster cult cd. then me and pam went to the 99 and ate, and after went to barnes and noble and discussed how it's obnoxious when people have to point out how "deep" they are. we also looked at nngows in large picture books.

i feel really fat lately. i have to do something about that.

maybe i should roll another huge snowball in the yard.

i wanna watch my movies.

i think my new years resolution is going over well.

eweie is carrying around her multicolored ball. she wants to play fetch. freak!
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