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the raptor!

first and foremost i want to apologize to my fellow livejournal friends for neglecting to comment on any recent entries. i will soon, i promise.

my stomach has hurt on and off all day. i didn't remember my dream from last night.

i really love this song by annie lennox. her voice is amazing.

as days go by the more i realize i will ALWAYS like older music better than music of today. overall, that is. i truly love leonard cohen. i meant to go to strawberries today, but i didn't feel good.

i get to blink-sit again soon! february 10, 11 and 12. exciting! i've been writing more lately. just about dreams, but i noticed for awhile that my skills were becoming so basic again, and that saddened me. so i'm gonna try and write everyday again. just start to write and see where it leads me. it's theraputic, really.

me and my mom and lauren watched Lost and Delirious. it wasn't how i thought it would be. i loved it.

i miss my Alice in Chains cd. whatever happend to it?

my mom helped me put my hair into roller tonight while we watched the movie. i didn't even see how she did it, cuz my eyes were glued to the screen... so hopefully i can figure out how to take them out tomorrow, aha.

the only known albino koala in the world exists at the san diego zoo. just take a gander.


tomorrow my family and i are going to the movies to see the Lemony Snicket movie. finally! i'm so excited. i just ate honey out of a spoon.
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